Using strobes with night landscape photography in Akaroa

It’s a cold night in Akaroa.  Violet and I decided to venture into the dark after dusk.

This would have been a pretty ordinary picture with the inside of the hut unlit.

So we placed an Orbis ring flash on a stand inside the hut to illuminate it – this draws your attention to the middle and makes the image much more interesting!  I hope this shows you how you can use flash with landscape photography.  Some photographers shy away from using strobes in landscapes because it’s thought to ruin the authenticity of the actual landscape, and hence taboo.  But I’d encourage any photographer to break the rules, and try something different!


Inside of the hut was lit with an Orbis Ring flash.
Inside of the hut was lit with an Orbis Ring flash.  Canon 6D, 24mm, f/4, ISO-200

Zhi Lee

Award winning NZ wedding, travel and portrait photographer. Creating images for the enjoyment of others really gets me going. It is through photography that I get to connect with people and express a little bit of creativity.