Customised collections

We recognize that every couple is special. When you book with us you’ll receive a customised collection of premium services. Therefore we don’t quote upfront till we’ve had a chance to show you our work, and talk about your wedding day.

What do you get?

We only do premium, because we invest in time before and beyond your wedding, getting to know you and your wedding itinerary, doing a recce of the venue before the wedding with top notch preparation prior to the first camera click. For us, work continues immediately after the wedding with the first edition proofs going up on Facebook within hours of your wedding! Our commission is fee based, rather than product based. As artists, we prefer not to profit from products we consider commodities – prints, albums, frames and canvases. We believe that the only thing we should sell is our time and creative input. Contact us to find out more! Reminiscence Photography - Our Wedding Brand