How are we different?

What Makes Us Different From Other Wedding Photographers In Auckland?

  1. Love. Yes, we do it for the love of weddings. We love that you’re sharing your big day with us.
  2. We love weddings so much that we’ll even give you ideas towards your wedding planning.
  3. We have full-time jobs during the week, which means we don’t run dry from shooting before the weekend.
  4. We only shoot 1 wedding per weekend. This keep us fresh for your wedding. When you book, we essentially dedicate the whole weekend to you!
  5. We don’t make money from products such as albums and canvases. We believe that wedding photography is about the experience. When you engage us, you’re really paying for the people behind the pictures – the creativity, sincerity, and laughter.
  6. Thanks for considering us to be part of your big day!

Wedding Balloons - I Love You

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