Creative Baby Photography As a Parent

Being a photographer dad has its bonuses.  You get a cute little model to work with 24 hours a day, and baby gets her life documented with beautiful photographs. If there’s one thing I’d say to new parents… take as many photos as you can because you can’t turn back time!  Mikayla is now 8

Planning your photography with a makeup artist

The Thought Behind the Makeup When putting together a themed shoot, as we did with ours, it’s important to collaborate with the makeup artist on the concept.   I had the privilege of working with Lisa Robb who not only grasped the concept, but added her own spin to it.   Lisa is a qualified Makeup Artist who’s work

Levitation Photography – How to make a model float in air

To make our model levitate, we placed Katrina on top of a ladder.  With the camera on a tripod so that the framing stayed consistent, we took a couple of shots, with and without the model. In  Photoshop, we placed the image with the model, lighting equipment and ladder on a layer on top of the

Vulnerable Angel – Katrina McCloy

After our main dark angel shoot, we took to a darker more shaded part of the forest and did some magic with just 1 large 80cm x 120cm softbox.  To get a nice reflection on the angel wings, we bright the softbox right in close.  A few branches and twigs were cloned out to declutter the

Angel Fallen From the Heavens

Forsaken, banished, forlorn, the dark angel gazes into the heavens, angry but repentant. This image was lit with a blue softbox above and behind the model, making it seem like lighting from the heavens.  A red gel was added for slight accents to add to the surrealness in working with the fantasy theme. The fire