Fallen Dark Angel in Forest Creative Shoot – Katrina McCloy

Katrina and I have worked together a few times, once on a body painting project and another in a life art workshop.  You might recognize her from these other creative portraits!

Lisa Robb and I tossed around ideas for the makeup and this is what she came up with.  Sequins were used to add elegance to that dark theme we were working with.

This is the first image we’re releasing from our Dark Angel shoot.

In order to block out as much of the forest background as possible, we lit Katrina with a 300W Visico strobe + 120cm x 80cm softbox from the left with a small reflector on the right for fill, in a shaded area of the forest during the day.  As we were working in a very tight space in the forest, we used a wide focal length of 28mm, which allowed us to get in close to the branches.  There were actually so many branches in the way and what you don’t see in the picture is Lisa holding back a bunch of branches in one hand, with a reflector in the other.

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Fallen Dark Angel
Model: Katrina McCloy, Makeup: Lisa Robb, Photographer: Zhi Lee. Canon 6D, 24-105mm, f/8.0 @ 24mm, ISO100, 1/125s


Zhi Lee

Award winning NZ wedding, travel and portrait photographer. Creating images for the enjoyment of others really gets me going. It is through photography that I get to connect with people and express a little bit of creativity.

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