Movember at TradeMe

A few chaps from TradeMe Auckland are partaking in Movember to raise awareness of Men’s health. Today we documented the mo-gress (mo progress, get it?) Hit up these mo-pages and contribute to their cause: TradeMe’s mo-page Zachary Young mo-age Toby Delamore’s mo-page Toby Holland’s mo-page And Cody’s not actually doing Mo-vember, but he’s all mo’ed

Setting up a New Photo Studio

If you’re a part time photographer, setting up a dedicated studio space means you don’t need to set up and tear down every time you bring a client through. This blog post describes my setup to achieve maximum results in a small space. Studio lighting gives a photographer total control over how light falls on

Tips for Mum’s and Dad’s preparing for a Baby Photo Shoot

    I’ve been getting asked to do more baby photo shoots lately, and thought it would be a good idea to put a checklist to prepare mum, dad and bub for the session. Baby’s Milestones As a new parent, I am lucky to have first hand experience photographing Mikayla over the course of 12

Creative Baby Photography As a Parent

Being a photographer dad has its bonuses.  You get a cute little model to work with 24 hours a day, and baby gets her life documented with beautiful photographs. If there’s one thing I’d say to new parents… take as many photos as you can because you can’t turn back time!  Mikayla is now 8

Planning your photography with a makeup artist

The Thought Behind the Makeup When putting together a themed shoot, as we did with ours, it’s important to collaborate with the makeup artist on the concept.   I had the privilege of working with Lisa Robb who not only grasped the concept, but added her own spin to it.   Lisa is a qualified Makeup Artist who’s work

Photography Inspiration from Google Images

Lately I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from Google Images for my creative work and stumbled across a neat feature that’s worth sharing!! Google recognizes that you’re looking for photography inspiration if you type in “photography ideas“. And it organises them by category for you.   And if you’re looking for ideas in a particular