Photography Inspiration from Google Images

Lately I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from Google Images for my creative work and stumbled across a neat feature that’s worth sharing!! Google recognizes that you’re looking for photography inspiration if you type in “photography ideas“. And it organises them by category for you.   And if you’re looking for ideas in a particular

Getting Creative with Fire and Gels

Flash gels are pieces of coloured transparent plastic film that you can place in front of a strobe or external flash to change the colour of light being emitted. In our last post post about fire photography, we described the setup for photographing fire.  In preparation for our creative shoot next week, we had a

Canon 50D 50mm f1.8

The Best Camera is the one you have with you

You know they say “The best camera is the one you have with you”. Today I Googled myself.  You should try it.  You’d be surprised at how much of a trail you leave on the Interwebs.   In my case, it was positively refreshing to see my photographic work listed on Google, including a picture of

Free Lighting Diagram Tool for Photographers

        I have been looking for a tool to improve the very loosely sketched up lighting diagram for my Dark Angel shoot and stumbled across the Online Lighting Diagram Creator Before: After:     Elements can be added and dragged around easily.  My only gripe is you can’t add your own assets

A Beginner’s Guide to Post-Processing

Last night a friend asked if I could recommend some post-processing software.  She’s been taking great photos with the Sony NEX-5 and was curious about my workflow.  So I thought I’d go above-and-beyond merely recommending software, and explaining abit about post-processing in general. What is post-processing? Post-processing is the process by which a photograph gets

Elevating Dark Angel

A Casting Call in Epic Photography Lately I’ve been following Benjamin Von Wong and getting sparked up (notice the pun as you’ll see later :)) with ideas for a new concept. Von Wong is known for his “Epic” imagery which are products of a good vision combined with exceptional lighting, and of course a large budget